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Morgan County BOER Office
Elections & Registration
Members of the Board:
Kirby Hayes, Chair
John Anton
Helen Butler
Avery Jackson
Scott Sellers

Jennifer B. Doran

(706) 343-6311 office
(706) 343-6496 fax

Sue DoorenBos

(706) 342-2508 office
(706) 343-6496 fax

Board Meetings
Board meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at 10:00 a.m.
at 434 Hancock Street, Madison, GA.  All meetings are open to the public.


The Morgan County Board of Elections and Registration Office attends to the day-to-day registrati?on and updating of files of Morgan County voters. On even-numbered years, the office prepares for local, state, and national elections. On odd-numbered years, the office conducts some of the county's municipal elections.

Candidate Qualification
Candidates qualify for primary elections either through their party affiliation or through the Elections Office as independent candidates. Candidates are required to file the proper ethics filing forms with the state. After qualification, candidates' names are placed on a database, and the ballot building process begins. Once the database is formed, it is sent back to our office for final inspection. Then a copy of this database is sent out to the printer for the printing of the mail-out absentee ballots.

Voting Machines
The digital data is uploaded to the touch screen voting units that will be used in the election. Each touch screen unit is then put through a battery of tests known as Logic and Accuracy Testing (L&A). This ensures that the units perform correctly for the election. Once they have passed these tests, the units are set for the election and securely sealed and documented. The entire election process is done with accountability.

Polling Sites
Each polling site has a poll manager and two assistant poll managers that contribute to the proper setup and reporting of the election results. All poll workers receive at least three hours of training before each primary or general election.